To visit in Tremiti Islands

About 10 sea miles from the coast there are Tremiti islands, a group of three small islands: San Domino. San Nicola and Caprara, Located in the most northern pars, near the coast, San Domino is the widest and its name comes from an ancient church consecrated to the homonymous Saint; on the opposite there is San Nicola, from the Saint's name, whose cult spread in the Middle Age; on the most northern paît Caprara lies and its name derives from capers, which are numerous in this area. On the opposite side of San Domino there is Cretaccio, un inhabited rock, where the legend says that the ghost of a fugitive wanders through in the night. About 40 metres from Cretaccio there is Vecchia, another inhabited rock. The little archipelago also includes Pianosa. an uncontaminated and inhabited island. Architello, a rocky arch in the form of a swan-neck and Grottone, a deep hollow about 10 metres long and 25 metres high. To visitS. DominoS. Nicola, Capraia , Fortezza della BadiaTomba di Diomede, Architello, Grotta della Madonna, Grotta del Ferraio, Grotta del Sale, Grotta delle Viole, Grotta del Bue marino.